Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Baby Diapers -November 2011 New Stock Is Coming!!!

Attention to Mommies & Daddies!!! we go! New stock of disposable baby diapers is coming this week!!

This time we bring in 2 grades for you to choose.
  • Mamia and Toujours Grade A
  • Mama & Dryups Grade B 
All those items are shipped from Europe. The best things about the diapers, it's cheap and the quality are similar to Malaysian The Most Expensive Baby Diapers M**** P****. How much you can save if you buy from us? Let's have a simple calculation:

M**** P**** = M size 66 pcs RM56--> 0.85sen/pcs
(lowest price was RM48 -->0.72sen/pcs)

Toujours = M size 56 pcs RM36--> 0.64sen/pcs only!!!

Toujours & Mamia (Grade A)
If you can compromises with the Grade B, why not try this out!Dryups & Mama (packaging 20pcs)
Dryups & Mama Green (France)

Top 5 Reason You Should Buy Baby Diapers Online…
Easy, comfortable & economical – no wasted fuel, parking, time and energy.
Delivery to your place via courier
Quality similar to expensive brand in Malaysian Market but with cheaper price
Dealer price with additional price cut
Easy pre order before your stock finish
Dont miss this cool disposable diapers imported from Europe. Special price for regular customers. Call me at 012-2673095 or email me for any enquiry. Like my page pls........

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