Monday, 9 May 2011

Check and inspect your baby diapers!

What will my newborn be passing? Inspect your baby poop... 

For the first couple of days after the birth, your baby will pass MECONIUM. This is a sticky, greeny-black substance that has built up in your baby's intestines during your pregnancy and is made up of bile, mucus, cells from the bowel wall, secretions and amniotic fluid. While meconium may be difficult to wipe off that tiny bottom, its appearance is a good sign that your baby's bowels are working normally.

After a day or two, once feeding is established and the last of the meconium passes out, the stools will turn a browny-green and be loose and grainy in texture, before becoming more yellow.

However, parent should give the best diapers to your baby to avoid rashes to your baby.

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