Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day Special Promo!!

Your Toujours baby diapers have a lot to explore, and the diapers shouldn’t hold them back. This Germany imported baby diapers are as soft as your baby’s bottom. It's soft stretchy waist and side panels move with your baby to help prevent leaks. Cottony soft materials surround your baby in comfort. Beyond comfort, Toujours baby diapers comes with original packaging and great graphics, also suitable to give your better expression as a baby gift to newly moms.

Here we come...May & June Promo. Buy 2 baby diapers from us and get the 3rd pack with 5% off!! Only while stock last...Don't wait any longer. sms Zul 012-2673095 for price quotation and you will never regret.

This baby don't want to lose his appetite by drinking milk in Toujours box!!
 Dont waste your money with the cheapest and low quality of baby diapers in the market. In average, 1 day you will never use less than 5-7 pcs and at the end it will cost you much more than our product. With Toujours, your baby will get the best sleep without wet nap and it will also save your money. Get our trial pack for your baby if you dont believe in what we are saying.....

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