Friday, 20 May 2011

New Brand Grade 'A' Imported Baby Diapers On Sales!!

Hello Momies!!!!

Get tired for spending so much money just to buy baby diapers?

Many parents out there thinking of buying the cheapest baby diapers either in supermarket or 'kedai runcit'. But do you know, using the cheap diapers will suffer you even more because you need to change them regularly. Some other reasons that bother you when choosing baby diapers, same like what myself and wife experienced:

Since the cost of baby diapers is really a big concerns for parents, I'm introducing you to our very cheap, imported, premium, breathable, cloth-like covered  generic and branded diapers...

Great for Your Baby and Good for Your Budget!!!!

It is estimated that babies spends more than 5 diapers changes per day. How much will it cost? I make some calculation base on personal assumption as below:

 1 baby using normal diapers in market (assumption M size)
Minimum 6pcs *0.47 sen = RM2.82 per day
Per month ==> RM2.82 * 30days =RM84.60 (imagine if you have 2 or 3 babies that need diapering at one time!!)

If using branded Grade A (mami Poko) in the market (assumption M size):
Minimum 4 pcs*RM1.50 sen =RM6 per day
Per month ==> RM6 * 30days =RM180

Mamia Grade A (with our selling price with assumption M size)
Minimum 4 pcs*68 sen = RM2.72 per day
Per month ==>RM2.72 * 30days =RM81.60 ~cheap right?!


Size available:
M56, L50, XL44

Introductory price = RM38 per pack
Price will reduce as you take more than 1 pack. Hurry, while stock last!!!!

I have tried to my baby all those Toujours and Mamia brands before selling it to friends. When using the diapers, I was really pleasantly surprised. I found them just as absorbent, and just as well-fitting as the Drypers that we often use – perhaps a little flexible than a more expensive styles in the Mamy Poko range. I found the designs on the nappy to be good fun.

I was so happy with the value for money of the Toujours Grade A & Mamia Grade A that I decided to start investing to buy it in bulk. It is originally imported from German and can never be found in Malaysia supermarket.

I want to help you make an informed choice about what type diapering system will work best for your family. My place is located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia area and is available for pick-ups and/or deliveries.

Please email me at with any questions or concerns or visit my site at (in Malay version) for a more detailed description and pictures of diapers that we offer.

I look forward to hearing from you! I can be reached at 012-2673095 (Zul) Ipoh area or my subagent no at 013-4230656 (Fariz) for Teluk Intan area . Be sure to check back often, as I am constantly adding new products and product lines.


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